Ear Cleaning Endoscope

Cleaning ear is not an option, but it is a must. It is dangerous to let your ear dirty because it can cause several diseases. Somehow, you also must not be careless to clean your ear, but you have to use a good tool. Fortunately, you have the tool which is specifically designed for cleaning the ear. Ear Cleaning Endoscope is the best tool which is very safe and comfortable. Anyway, let us find out more about Ear Cleaning Endoscope.


How does ear cleaning endoscope work?

This tool works in a simple in the form of sophisticated stick. With the stick, you can clean the ear directly without getting help from other people. This is possible because the stick is equipped with a 1.3 camera so you can see inside through your mobile device. It is connected using a USB cable and it is also designed with LED light. You do not need a flashlight anymore and you just clean it using the tool.

How to use ear cleaning endoscope?

It is very easy to use ear cleaning endoscope. Before you use it, you may need to know a few items in one package. This tool consists of 4 adhesive earpicks, 4 ear spoon, 1 ear cleaner endoscope, 4 cotton swab sticks, 5 camera protective sleeve, cleaning cloth, and user manual. Well, you can simply use the ear cleaner endoscope to check the condition of your ear. You can turn on the LED light and then connect it to your device. You can see if there is some dirt inside the ear. Next, you can use the ear spoon that you attach to the stick. This ear spoon is used to remove the ear wax.

How much does it cost by the way?

Well, this ear wax removal tool is quite affordable, especially if you buy it from thescoper website. The main price is about $55, but you can get a discount sale for only $27.60. Moreover, it is also available for worldwide shipping. So, you can just visit the website and the buy it now. Meanwhile, for the payment, you can use Shopify pay, PayPal, credit card, Google pay, Apple Pay, and Amex.

What about the full specification?

Perhaps, you wonder the complete specifications of ear cleaning endoscope. It comes with blue color with silicon and metal construction. As it is mentioned, the stick has a 1.3 mp camera with 6 adjustable LED brightness. This tool supports android devices to see your ear condition on the screen in the format of AVI and JPEG.

In conclusion, Ear cleaning endoscope is a very useful tool for cleaning ear wax so you can keep it healthy. It is not too expensive to afford and it is also very safe for adults and children. It is sophisticated because you can connect it to your device to see it on the screen. It is very comfortable to use the tool because it is made from silicon and metal. What are you waiting for? You can order now and clean your ear.

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