The Purpose of Ear syringing, benefit and side effect

ear syringe kits is a flare-typed or a bulb-type of syringe that specifically designed to help you to pump water to the wall of the ear canal behind the ear wax. The idea is to pour the water behind that ear wax in an attempt to flush out the ear wax.

The advantages and disadvantages of ear syringe procedure

We have mentioned earlier that ear syringe is an old fashioned method of ear wax removal. However, ear syringe can work effectively if it is performed correctly. However, this particular ear wax removal method is only work with soft and small size ear wax. Large size and impacted ear wax cannot be clean with ear syringe as you cannot pump the water behind the impacted wax. Ear syringing cannot be performed on people with ear drum perforation. This particular procedure needs to be done carefully as it can cause many side effects such as:

  • Can cause further impacted ear wax
  • Ear canal infection and ear drum perforation
  • Temporary or permanent hearing loss
  • Vertigo, dizziness and faint

Ear clean endoscope – a better alternative for ear wax cleaning

The problem with ear wax cleaning is that you cannot see to locate the ear wax as the ear wax normally hides inside your ear canal. Luckily, you can use ear clean endoscope to locate and visualize your ear wax through the monitor of your Smartphone. Ear clean endoscope is a new technology to help people clean their ear wax easily.

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