Impacted Ear Wax

Impacted ear wax is disturbing because it can cause your ear bad smell and itchy. Somehow, you must clean your ear regularly just in case you want to keep your ear healthy. Impacted ear wax can attack both kids and adult. But, when you want to clean it up, you need to choose the right tool. So, we would recommend you to buy ear clean endoscope. What is it and what are the features of this ear wax removal tool?

About Ear Clean Endoscope

Ear Clean Endoscope is a special tool that is specifically designed to help you clean wax from your ear. It is like a stick which is very safe to use and comfortable. If you need a safe tool for cleaning your ear, we would recommend you to choose this tool. It is not just an ordinary ear wax removal, but it is a modern and sophisticated tool thanks to the features. What are the features?

Ear Clean Endoscope Features

You will not regret it when you buy Ear Clean Endoscope because it offers so many features. It also offers some benefits that you will not get from any other ear cleaner. This ear clean endoscope is equipped with a 1.3 MP camera. You can easily check the condition of your ear using the camera. Meanwhile, you can connect this tool to your smartphone so you can see your ear condition on the screen.

Moreover, it is also designed with 6 LED lights to help you see the ear. You do not need to use a flashlight anymore. You can make it brighter or just dim it according to your wishes. This tool is compatible with Android devices and PCs. It is also made from soft material to make you feel easy and comfortable when cleaning your ear.

This tool comes in one package that consists of several items such as 1 ear cleaner endoscope, 1 user manual, 1 cleaning cloth, 5 camera protective sleeve, 4 cotton swab sticks, 4 adhesive earpicks, and 4 ear spoon. You are no need to worry because this tool is reusable. It is also good for multiple occasion such as reducing loud sound, protecting your ear when swimming, and much more.

The Price of Ear Clean Endoscope

How much does it cost? This is a good tool, but you also need to know the price before buying. Luckily, this tool is not that expensive because you can only get it for only $27.60. The original price is $55.20, but this special discount is only for you. It is also available for worldwide shipping. Anyway, you can buy this impacted ear wax removal tool from thescoper website. Meanwhile, for the payment method, it supports PayPal, credit card, google pay apple pay, and Amex.

In summary, that’s all about impacted ear wax removal tool which is very important to have so that you can clean your ear safely. It looks cool and sophisticated because it is equipped with a 1.3 MP camera where you can connect it to your android device to see your ear condition on the screen.

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